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Many that have gone through the Western medicine approach to treating mental health may find it leaving much to be desired. Being given drugs and expensive therapy sessions that only numb the feelings, keeping the pain hidden until it inevitably resurfaces much later. Often times, even making the situation much worse.

It is my belief that almost all of mental health illness can be attributed to stored traumatic energy, often energy that we aren't able to release because we are told to just accept the oppressive false reality that we live in. There are many tools however, in which to safely allow ourselves to feel these feelings, and release this energy. It certainly takes a daily practice of remembering to allow yourself space to feel self love, though I do believe there is no amount of trauma that we can't heal from.


Over the years, I have come across many tools that have resonated with me in order to release trapped trauma. I would love to share some of them below.

EFT Tapping - a technique to allow yourself to feel feelings inside your body without attaching stories to them.

Wim Hof breathing - a breathing technique to help allow the body to regulate it's physiology, greatly releasing stress.

Self massaging - I myself love to massage my myself wherever there is tension each day, in addition, I believe massage your feet and hands can greatly aide in allowing energy to more easily flow through your body.

Orgone Energy - Orgone pyramids are said to be able to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

Sound Healing - I prefer to listen to whatever sound healing tones I feel called to at the time, generally going through the chakras so that they are all receiving attention. If you are dealing with an excess of thoughts and emotions that you just can't process, I highly recommend allowing yourself to listen to Root Chakra healing tones ( )



My story is that around the age of 13, I began just experiencing intense repeating thoughts, worries, and sounds. I had no idea what was happening and only foggily remember constantly crying and being unable to function. Eventually the intensity of this morphed into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I found rituals to distract myself from the overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and eventually that took over. I was given a very large dose of fluoxetine which did numb the thoughts, and that was it. Never told to work through anything while I was feeling better, just to stay on the "medication". Over the years, it didn't take long to lose the relationships I had built up, as I was no

longer able to empathize with people, or feel much of anything. I wasn't able to keep a job for more than a couple years at best. Anytime I would try to get off of medication, I would just become overwhelmed again and be completely unable to process life.

Speaking to psychiatrists, I was told that I would be on medication my whole life, and after 20 years that became something I was not going to accept anymore. After years of searching for other solutions, I finally am happy with the techniques and findings that I shared above. Another thing that can help in easing suffering is simply speaking to someone who is able to empathize. If you resonate with anything I have said, and would like to speak with me, please feel free to reach out.  If money is an issue please do not let that stop you from speaking to me, I would love to do what I can if you feel that I could help.

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